Our Small Business Advisory practice give Main Street businesses the same tools and resources that bigger companies have always been able to leverage. PCC’s expert advisors help business owners meet their challenge and seize new opportunities. 

Most of the team started in small business. We’ve been there. We’ve been in the trenches trying to grow a fledgling business. We are a passionate group, and we do this because we know we can help you grow and reach your goals. 

Here are our areas of expertise:

Leading and managing high-performance teams (HR)

  • Building a high-performance team
  • Motivation, recognition, and reward
  • Discipline and grievance handling
  • Performance management
  • Recruitment and selection

Reaching the right customers in the new rapidly changing digital world (Marketing)

  •  Marketing strategy
  •  Digital marketing and social media        strategy
  •  Brand building
  •  Sales management
  •  Presenting and pitching

Building the strategic value of the finance function by maximizing the performance of finance processes while reducing their costs (Finance)

  • Finance strategy
  • Maximize the performance of finance processes while reducing their costs.
  • Working capital management
  • Identify and prioritize processes to outsource.  
  • Planning and business performance management
  • Compliance

Sustaining growth and continuous improvements (Operations)

  • Planning and implementation
  • Improving effectiveness – quality, costs, delivery, distribution
  • Technology upgrades and integration
  • Problem-solving
  • Scaling and planning for growth

Identifying skills for the future

  • Embedding a culture of innovation
  • Encouraging ideas and creativity

Creating enterprise culture

  • Change management
  • Managing conflict
  • Culture and diversity
  • Collaboration – partners, staff, and suppliers
  • Negotiating and influencing

Developing an effective personal leadership and management style (Coaching)

  • Developing the vision and the strategy
  • Assertiveness and personal effectiveness
  • Communication of goals and strategy

After years of doing this, we believe you'll see the benefit in our process.  

  1. We do our homework on your business, industry, and area of operation
  2. We do one on one interviews and team meetings
  3. We provide clear, concise documentation with and agreed number of priority recommendations and actions that need to be taken
  4. We provide ongoing support and monitoring.

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Power Coaching and Consulting handles matters efficiently and at a lower cost than other top-tier firms. By design, we are a boutique consulting practice, not a large general coaching practice. Instead of the high cost “pyramid model,” we provide lean staffing whereby highly-experienced advisors and coaches perform the bulk of the work, resulting in efficiency and substantially lower cost.

By avoiding the fixed-cost overhead of traditional large law firms, we also avoid the need to pass these costs on to our clients. PCC prides itself on delivering a compelling value proposition: first-rate representation and client service at substantially lower cost.

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"His workshops and consulting activities were the most dynamic and beneficial program we've ever done. ”      --Innovation Hub 


“Rhett thank you for the inspiration and your advice in your talk today. Wow!"   

--Ingrid Thomas


"My success will come in a large part from the time I had with you, so thanks again for working with me."        --Tevin Waiguru