business advisory services

Improve your performance through developing skills, confidence, and focus. Book a short session today to see how I  can help you succeed in the following ways.

Developing an effective personal leadership and management style

  • Developing the vision and the strategy
  • Assertiveness and personal effectiveness
  • Communication of goals and strategy

Leading and managing high-performance teams

  • Building a high-performance team
  • Motivation, recognition, and reward
  • Discipline and grievance handling
  • Performance management
  • Recruitment and selection

Creating enterprise culture

  • Change management
  • Managing conflict
  • Culture and diversity
  • Collaboration – partners, staff, and suppliers
  • Negotiating and influencing

Sustaining growth and continuous improvements

  • Planning and implementation
  • Improving effectiveness – quality, costs, and delivery
  • Problem-solving

Identifying skills for the future

  • Embedding a culture of innovation
  • Encouraging ideas and creativity

Newmarket entry

  •  Marketing strategy
  •  Digital marketing
  •  Brand management
  •  Sales management
  •  Presenting and pitching

With over 20 years as a management consultant, executive coach, and business advisor, I believe I can help you deal with your challenges successfully.