What is Coaching?

Coaching vs. Consulting

A consultant is usually an expert or a professional in a specific field and has extensive knowledge of the subject matter. A consultant usually works for a consultancy firm or is self-employed, and engages with multiple and changing clients. Thus, clients have access to deeper levels of expertise than would be feasible for them to retain in-house and may purchase only as much service from the outside consultant as desired.

A coach will focus on an existing issue or a specific outcome that the individual wishes to achieve. In both cases, the coach aims to stimulate the coachee to work on certain weak areas so they can reach the desired improvements. Coaches will generally check that the specific learning can be successfully re-applied by the coachee, to deal with other issues in the future.

 The structure and methodologies of coaching are numerous with one unifying feature; coaching approaches are predominantly facilitative in style, that is to say, that the coach is mainly asking questions and challenging the coachee.​​

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