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Why Coaching Works

Coaching Is Not Weird

Michael Feeley

Coaching sometimes gets a bum rap because people don’t know the facts.

• They don’t know what coaching is.
• They don’t know how coaching is done.
• They don’t know why coaching is successful.

Many individuals think it’s unconventional, where anyone can hang up a life coaching shingle and do it, with little or no training at all.

I’ll give you the truth because I did extensive research to see what the profession of coaching actually is. I looked at universities, training programs and talked to lots of experts in the field.

I was so impressed with the people and my findings that I decided to become a professional coach and went back to school.

Coaching is an accredited, well-established and respected profession.
• It’s profoundly useful to people.
• It presents diverse, thought-provoking knowledge, skills and results.
• The ethical and professional standards are high.
• And... it works!

Masterful coaching involves helping people ... transform themselves, their communities, and their world. It involves impacting people’s visions and values as well as helping them reshape their way of being, thinking, and actions. It involves challenging and supporting people in achieving higher levels of performance while allowing them to bring out the best in themselves and those around them. — Robert Hargrove — Masterful Coaching

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